Mördad präst i Colombia

Ännu en präst har blivit mördad i Colombia. Fader Jose Antonio Valle Bayonas kropp låg dumpad i ett dike i det lantliga området Baranquilla. Fader Valle hade blivit knivhuggen 17 gånger i ansiktet och nacken. Den lokala polisen erbjuder nu 11 000 dollar till någon som kan ge information om förövarens identitet. Ärkebiskopen av Baranquilla har i ett uttalande sagt:  “repudiate this atrocious act that took the life of Father Valle Bayona, causing profound sorrow in the heart of the Church and in the communities where he worked as an ordained minister of the Lord. ”This crime “shows once again the difficult situation our society is facing” and the widespread violence that is causing “an alarming number of victims in the country.” Och We thank the police and all authorities for their support and we invite the perpetrators to sincere repentance in faith that will bring them to the merciful forgiveness of God,”

Confessiones Nyhetsredaktion