Minnen från Taizé

I'm finally back! Well, I came home yesterday evening, but I hadn't time to write because I had to study. AND EAT. The food in Taizé. You should try to live on it for a week and you'll never complain about the food in school again. Never, ever. Haha

Anyways, IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! I didn't really LOVE the place, even though it was really good, but I must say that I LOVE the people there. I met and made so many good friends that I can't get over it. AND ALL OF THEM ARE CATHOLICS AND WE CAN TALK ABOUT GOD AND TELL EACH OTHER CHRISTIAN JOKES AND PRAY TOGETHER AND DISCUSS THE BIBLE AND EVERYTHING.
One of my life's biggest dreams came true this week and I'm really happy. :''')

Seriously though I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!! ;A; I'm listening to podcasts from their evening prayer and my head s filled with so many memories. You can listen to it here: http://www.taize.fr/IMG/mp3/taize_podcast_2012_11_04.mp3

I haven't got time to write about everything we've done there right now, because I have a lot to do, but I'll try to do that in the nearest future. I'm really sad to be back here. If it wasn't for my family I would be really depressed.. Now I'm surrounded by people who think I'm stupid and who laugh at my faith, now I'm forced to do meaningless things that'll never make me happy. I want to go back and re-live this week once again. I miss the prayers trice a day and the morning mass and the night talks and the youcat games and the Bible studies and the discussion groups and the workshops and the games and Oyak and the looong waiting for food and the terrible food and the ugly rooms and ALL THE LOVELY PEOPLE THERE and the fact that you could talk to every stranger and they would just smile and tell you things about themselves and learn you their language and exchange e.mails with you. I miss the brothers and the church and the cross and the loong bus ride and everything. I miss everything so bad.

On my way to school today I felt so lonely because I realised that it's impossible to talk to random people on the street and it's impossible to share your faith with other people. I'm back in the reality where God is my personal thing that will never be discussed in public. I'm back in this society where religion is something shameful. But I've learnt a lot, I'm filled with hope and joy and I'm ready to share my happiness with everybody. I will share my faith in Jesus Christ with everybody from now on and nobody will bring me down. I don't care what others think about me; I have a supportive family and a beautiful gathering of friends over the whole Sweden and they will never leave me. I'm happy to be Catholic. I'm so happy. /Paula